20 Mile Creek Expedition and Supply Ltd.

Outdoor Gear Accident / Upgrade


Have you ever dragged your sleeping bag a little too close to the campfire? Has a bear mauled your backpack trying to get at some food? When you buy from our online store, if your backpack, sleeping bag or tent is less than a year old, send your damaged 20 Mile Creek gear back to us and we will give you 40% off list price when you replace or upgrade it at our store.


If you just want to upgrade, we’ll let you do that too. We will take back any tent, sleeping bag or backpack bought from our store within the first year and give you 40% off its replacement. For example, if you purchased a 3 season hollow fibre fill sleeping bag but you now want a 4 season duck down filled sleeping bag, send us the 3 season sleeping bag within 1 year of the purchase date and you can upgrade to the down filled sleeping bag for 40% off the list price from our web store. Upgraded items purchased through our Accident/Upgraded program are considered final sales, but are still fully warrantied for the lifetime of the product.